China Merger & Acquisition Report Q3 2012

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China Venture Capital & Private Equity M&A Exits Report 2012

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China Enterprises IPO Report Q3 2012

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China Private Equity Report Q3 2012

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Zero2IPO Research Center has been surveying and researching on PE funds in China (Chinese mainland) on a large scale and producing professional reports accordingly since 2006. Based on the survey data in Q3 2012, the China Private Equity Report Q3 2012 offers readers detailed statistical information and discloses some PE fundraising, investment and exit deals on a selective basis. In addition, we also give an in-depth description and analysis on the current condition and trends of China’s PE market in Q3 2012.

China Venture Capital Report Q3 2012

发布时间:2012-10-30 报告系列:VC 语言:英文

This report has been completed based on adequate market survey, in-depth research and analysis. It provides extensive data statistics and assessment, and describes and analyzes in detail the current status and trend of China’s VC market in Q3’12. This report consists of principal content, research methodologies and appendixes. The principal content is divided into nine chapters in five parts: The first part is market review in Chapter 1, which reviews and sums up the environment and development of China’s VC market in Q3’12. The second part is the statistics and analysis, including Chapter 2, 3 and 4, which respectively focus on the data statistics and analysis in detail with respect to three stages – fundraising, investment and exit – in China’s VC market in Q3’12. This part contains a lot of first-hand statistical data collected by Zero2IPO Research Center. The third part is case collection, including Chapter 5, 6 and 7. We disclose some key and typical cases by fundraising, investment and exit stages in China’s VC market in Q3’12. The fourth part presents special issue, namely Chapter 8, the China VC Early-stage Investment Report 2012, identifying the current situation of domestic and overseas early-stage investment markets, analyzing the related fundraising, investments and exits by investor tppe, as well as discussing the drawbacks in the markets at present and searching for solutions. The fifth part is market outlook presented in Chapter 9. In this Chapter, we forecast the investments, fundraising and exits in the VC market in future to provide readers with some valuable references. The appendixes encompass the VC-related laws and regulations released and implemented in Q3’12, as well as Zero2IPO’s Principles for Industry Classification which introduces the standards for classifying the industries in this report in details. Besides, the appendixes describe in brief Zero2IPO Group and Zero2IPO Research Center.

China Private Equity Limited Partner Report Q3 2012

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As China’s capital market has flourished over the recent years, an increasing number of limited partners (LPs) have attracted our attention. We expect this report will provide readers more in-depth and straightforward analysis on the composition, investment scale and investment philosophy of domestic and overseas LPs who are currently active in the China’s VC/PE market. Based on the survey data in Q3 2012, this report seeks to quantify the composition of LPs through investigation and present typical cases by listing LPs in some funds. Meanwhile, we reviewed newly-raised VC/PE funds, VC/PE funds under way, and newly-established VC/PE funds in China’s VC/PE market in Q3 2012 respectively, with a view to revealing the current status and trends of fundraising in China’s VC/PE market.