China Early-stage Investment Market Report Q2’21
China Early-stage Investment Market Report Q2’21
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出版时间: 2021-09-23 页数:73 咨询电话: 400-600-9460

In Q2’21 asmany countries were unlocked with the vaccine promotion, global financialmarkets began to have high liquidity, the interest rates in various countriesremained stable, and the global stock markets rose. World economies have seendiverged trends depending on their recovery from the pandemic. China's economy inQ2’21 continued its strong recovery in the previous quarter, with a real GDPgrowth rate of 7.9%. In terms of trade, China's trade surplus in goods was882.8 billion yuan, down 17.4% YoY. In addition, the yield of 10-year U.S.Treasury bonds was 1.5%, down 20bp from the end of last quarter. TheInternational Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts that the economic growth of the U.S.will be as high as 7.0% in 2021, the highest in decades. At the exchange ratelevel, the US dollar continued to fluctuate within a narrow range, the Japaneseyen continued to depreciate, and the RMB exchange rate was relatively stable. Theexchange rates of emerging economies with high financial fragility, such asArgentina and Turkey, continued to depreciate, while those of BRICS countriesgenerally appreciated. After the Federal Reserve's meeting on interest rates inJune 2021, the yield of long-term U.S. treasury bonds showed a downward trend.If monetary policy easing began to tighten marginally, it would exert greatpressure on the stock market's rebound. On the whole, the variants of Covid-19pose a challenge to the global economic recovery.

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