Overseas-Listed Chinese Companies Report 2020
Overseas-Listed Chinese Companies Report 2020
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出版时间: 2021-07-14 页数:102 咨询电话: 400-600-9460

At present,as China economy grows at a fast pace, more Chinese companies desire to belisted in domestic market and one of the important criteria for choosingbetween domestic and overseas markets lies in the local market performance andlocal political environment. According to the statistics from Zero2IPOResearch, by now, ten overseas exchangesown listed Chinese companies, mostly on the HKEx, NASDAQ and NYSE; by Q1’20,the three exchanges accounted for as high as 95.3% in total number of Chinesecompanies listed overseas. In recent years, the A-share market acceleratedto realize trade connection with the markets in Europe and North America. Beforethe launch of the Shanghai-London Stock Connect in December, 2018, severalcompanies have already been listed on London Stock Exchange (LSE) AIM. By theend of June in 2020, two companies—Huatai Securities and CPIC—have been listedin the LSE Main Market Shanghai-London Stock Connect Segment by issuing GDR.

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