China Early-stage Investment Market Report Q2’20
China Early-stage Investment Market Report Q2’20
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出版时间: 2020-11-18 页数:70 咨询电话: 400-600-9460

According to the macroeconomicdata released by the National Bureau of Statistics, China’s GDP increased by3.2% YoY in Q2’20, above 10 percentage point from the first quarter of 2020(-6.8%) and 3.2 percentage point lower than the same period last year (6.2%).Among them, the added value of the primary industry was RMB 1,586.7 billion, increasedby 3.3% YoY; that of the secondary industry was RMB 9,912.1 billion, anincrease of 4.7% YoY; that of the tertiary industry was RMB 1,3512.2 billion,an increase of 1.9% YoY. The value added of the primary, secondary and tertiaryindustry accounted for 6.30%, 39.63% and 54.03% of GDP in the second quarter.Among the key sectors, the value added of industry, finance, leasing andbusiness services accounted for 32.1%, 8.4% and 2.9% of GDP respectively. Inthe second quarter, the economic growth turned from negative to positive, andmost of the key indicators bottomed out in the second quarter, signifying theresilience and potential of China’s economy. In the face of the severe impactof the epidemic, various regions have adopted a series of macro policies whichhave facilitated the resumption of work and production, ensuring the stableoperation of the macro economy and financial markets. Basic industries andimportant products related to the national economy and the people’s livelihoodhave grown steadily, the basic people's livelihood has been secured, and theoverall economic and social development has been stable.

In Q2’20, the total retailsales of social consumer goods was RMB 9367.7 billion, down 3.8% YoY. Accordingto the type of consumption, the income of catering business was RMB 858.2billion, down 19.3% YoY. Retail sales totaled RMB859.4 billion, down1.9%. Amongthem, sales of grain, oil and food rose by 7.7% YoY, beverages increased by9.8%, and clothing, shoes, and textile products fell by 8.3%.

In the first half of the year, national investment infixed assets (excluding rural households) was RMB 28,160.3 billion, down by3.1% YoY, showing a trend of narrowing month by month. Among them, privateinvestment in fixed assets was RMB 15.7867 trillion, down by 7.3% YoY. Themanufacturing investment decreased by 11.7% YoY, the decline was 3.1 percentagepoint narrower than that from January to May. Investment in high-techindustries grew rapidly, with an increase of 6.3% YoY in the first half of theyear. Besides, investment in the three major areas -- infrastructure, realestate development, and manufacturing continued to improve. Investment in someinfrastructure achieved positive growth, and that in real estate developmentturned from a decline to an increase, with an increase of 1.9% YoY.

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