China VC/PE Investment Strategy Report 2020
China VC/PE Investment Strategy Report 2020
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出版时间: 2020-10-14 页数:84 咨询电话: 400-600-9460

China has issued VC/PE investment promotion policies in 2019. In terms of supervision, on February 21, 2019, the first batch of three private equity asset allocation managers was approved by AMAC, marking the beginning of a new era of private equity asset allocation. In November of the same year, the Working Rules for Credit Information Reporting of Private Equity and Venture Capital Fund Managers (Trial) was released, and the experience of credit information reporting was extended to private equity and venture capital funds. At the end of December, the Notes on Filing Private Equity Funds was released, which further clarified the extension boundary of private equity funds, reiterated the requirements of qualified investors, defined the concept of completion of recruitment, refined the requirements of investment operation, and put forward differentiated filing requirements for different types of funds. In terms of promoting policies, on January 24, the Ministry of Finance and other four departments issued the Notice on the Income Tax Policy of Individual Partners in Venture Capital Firms, clarifying the income tax policy of individual partners in venture capital firms and further supporting entrepreneurship. On the 28th of the same month, the Implementation Opinions on Establishing Science and Technology Innovation Board and Piloting Registration System in Shanghai Stock Exchange marked the official launch of China's registration system. The CSRC issued the Notice on Further Clarifying and Regulating Financial Institutions' Asset Management Products Investment Venture Capital Funds and Government-funded Industrial Investment Funds (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice") jointly issued by six ministries and commissions on October 25, and implemented the "New Regulations on Asset Management". The requirements for the relevant provisions of the two types of funds were separately formulated, and the definitions and transitional arrangements of the two types of funds were clarified, which alleviated the fundraising pressure of the two types of funds to a certain extent. In November, private equity funds were included in the Negative List of Market Access (2019 Edition) for the first time. With clear requirements for the use of words such as "fund management", market access will be more transparent and fair. With a series of policy, although preventing financial risks is still the top priority, market competition is intensifying, and China's VC/PE market guides long-term investment, and institutions should pay more attention to improving risk control ability.

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