Report on Innovative Development of State-owned Capital 2020
Report on Innovative Development of State-owned Capital 2020
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出版时间: 2020-08-19 页数:82 咨询电话: 400-600-9460

In recent years, focusing on the overall goal of making central enterprises stronger, better and bigger and cultivating multinational companies with innovation ability and international competitiveness during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, SASAC and other authorities have issued a series of documents guiding the reform and innovative development of state-owned capital, contributing to promoting the operation and allocation efficiency of state-owned capital and developing mixed ownership economy. In July, 2018, the State Council issued the Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Pilot Reform of State-owned Capital Investment and Operation firms, aiming to reform the authorized operation mechanism of state-owned capital and implement market-oriented operation of state-owned capital by reorganizing and establishing state-owned capital investment and operation firms. It is clarified that state-owned capital operation firms "aim to improve the operation efficiency and returns of state-owned capital, focus on holding financial shares, and revitalize the stock of state-owned capital, guide and drive the development of social capital, and realize the rational flow, value preservation and increase of state-owned capital through equity operation, fund investment, cultivation and incubation, value management and orderly participation and withdrawal. And the assessment of investment firms should "focus on the liquidity and value preservation and increase". State-owned capital investment firms aim to serve the national strategy, optimize the layout of state-owned capital and enhance industrial competitiveness. In important sectors and key areas that are related to national safety and the lifeblood of national economy, according to the government requirements for the layout and structural optimization of state-owned capital, they focus on holding shares of core businesses with strategic significance. And through investment financing, industrial cultivation and capital operation, they can play a role in investment guidance and structural adjustment, promote industrial clustering, resolve excess capacity and transform and upgrade, cultivate core competitiveness and innovation ability, actively participate in international competition and improve the ability of state-owned capital to control and influence. By the beginning of 2020, SASAC had launched pilot programs of state-owned capital investment firms in 19 central enterprises. By focusing on key points, highlighting practical results and making breakthroughs, pilot enterprises have made great progress in structural adjustment, mechanism innovation and headquarters reform, and improved their business performance and operation efficiency. At the same time, in February 2016, with the approval of the State Council, SASAC determined China Chengtong and China Reform as targets of pilot reform of state-owned capital operation firms.

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