China VC/PE Market Review Q1 2020
China VC/PE Market Review Q1 2020
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出版时间: 2020-05-27 页数:84 咨询电话: 400-600-9460

China’s VC/PE market was recovering from the COVID-19:LP: LP's contribution to new funds was hindered by the blocked due diligence. However, more people went back to work as the pandemic was controlled. State-owned assets have made the largest contribution in the LP market while overseas LP has encountered with difficulties.GP: VC and PE firms suspended their investment and concentrated on providing online post-investment services to help the invested enterprises tide over the difficulties. The investment market slowly recovered.Fundraising: It became even more difficult for emerging investment firms to raise capital, and the overall market has declined sharply.Valuation: Sci-tech companies and companies related to anti-epidemic materials remained high valuation while other companies saw declined valuation.PE secondaries: Buyers of second-hand interests became cautious in their moves.

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